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Albert Einstein holding an Albert Einstein puppet. Sometimes pictures are just better without context.

But I suppose if you really want some context you can get it at Open Culture.

Lo amo.

Living Paper
by Mengyu Chen

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Simplemente hermoso.

Simplemente hermoso.

Mi infancia!!!! :’))

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Les digo, que mal me veria llorando en el espacio D,:   @

Ever wonder what happens if you cry in space?

This needs to be the internet’s go-to “so many cries” GIF.

Score update:
Hadfield: 1,342
People who don’t like space: 0

Are there any people who don’t like space, actually?

Watch Chris Hadfield’s full video explanation of why tears don’t fall in space here.

A mi ponme a ver estas películas @sandrrruki!!

Science fiction films through the years

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Cosmos Time, come on grab your friends!! We’ll go to a very distant galaxy!!! Neil the Tyson, and Carl the Sagan, The star stuff will never end, It’s Cosmos Time! <3 <3

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Como en el espacio-tiempo de minkowski… mi universo está vacío.
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